Niall Olver


Niall is the founding and long-term CEO of ExecuJet, one of the largest business aviation companies in the world. Niall also holds various directorships and shareholdings including that of EJ Capital, Grob Aerospace, and others and is a former Director of Piper Aircraft. He has led multiple businesses as CEO for over 25 years.

Niall holds a Bachelor of Commerce from South Africa and holds a professional pilots license.

Thomas Casata


Thomas is a partner in Zurich based, aviation-focussed EJ Capital AG and a board member of other companies in the aviation sector. He served as CFO of the ExecuJet and of a business jet manufacturer for several years. Prior to this, Thomas held CFO positions in 2 publicly listed technology companies in Switzerland. He also was the Head of Purchasing at Bally Group in Italy and Switzerland.

Thomas has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Stuttgart.

Christian Theuermann

Managing Director AXIS Flight Training Systems

Christian has an extended experience in procurement and industrial management. In these fields, he held senior management positions in the industry and in consulting. He was also the CFO of construction developer Kostmann Group. He also acted as a professor in financial management and accounting at the University of Graz, and a coach with third party executives.

Christian has an engineering degree in Civil Engineering and Construction Management, and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Economics from Graz University.

Jean-Luc Laydevant

Managing Director AXIS Simulation Switzerland

Jean-Luc has over 20 years of experience in international sales. He started his career at EADS-Eurocopter as an Aerospace Engineer. He then held multiple positions at VP level in several high-tech firms in Dublin, growing businesses to critical mass before acquisition. He then built and led a global team at Ametek Inc, significantly growing the defence, space and aerospace business internationally, with a focus on BRICS regions.

Jean-Luc has a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering from ENSAM Paris and an MBA.

David Nolan

Managing Director AXIS Finance

David is a qualified chartered accountant (ACA) with international experience in business development, commercial management and finance management in aviation. David’s expertise includes asset financing, insurance, tax, financial reporting and financial analysis. David worked for AXIS Flight Training Systems GmbH as well as ExecuJet Aviation Group heading up the Group’s Aircraft Finance division.

David holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University College Dublin, Ireland.