FSTC has ordered a full-flight simulator (FFS - Level D) for the ATR 72-600 aircraft from AXIS

This exciting transaction represents FSTC's and AXIS' second collaboration for the Indian market, whereby AXIS shall deliver a new ATR 72-600 full-flight simulator (Level D) which shall be ready-for-training at FSTC's facilities in Delhi during the first half of 2018.  As part of this deal, AXIS shall also deliver a number of complementary lower-level training devices including an IPT that will be ready-for-training during November of this year. 

Sanjay Mandavia, founder and a director of FSTC, commented "We are excited to announce to our valued customers that we have expanded our training infrastructure to address the demand for ATR 72-600 training to be provided in India." Capt. DS Basraon, co-founder and director of FSTC, added "With this new delivery from AXIS, FSTC will be the first independent operator in India to offer a range of new training solutions and equipment for the rapidly expanding ATR 72-600 fleet". 
Niall Olver, Chairman of AXIS, noted "AXIS is delighted that this device builds on our already very strong relationship with FSTC.  We share FSTC's positive outlook on the market for training both locally here in India as well as in the region where FSTC count their clients.  Being operational in 2018, this delivery is perfectly timed to address an increasing requirement for local training infrastructure to support the successful and growing installed base of ATR 72-600 aircraft in the region".

About Axis

Axis Flight Training Systems was founded in 2004, and works in the design and manufacture of innovative and exceptionally capable full motion level D simulators and associated hardware for the business and commercial aviation markets. Axis flight simulators are in use in many countries. www.axis-simulation.com

About FSTC

FSTC, with its State of the Art Training Centre located at Gurgaon, is a DGCA Approved Training Organization for Type Rating in Northern India and a leading provider of training support for aviation professionals and airlines. FSTC is dedicated to providing a professional training experience at the best price to meet airline and individual training and rating goals.