full flight simulator

April 2016 – An undisclosed customer has ordered an ATR 72-500 FFS Level D simulator. At this time the only thing the company will say is that this is its first sale to an Asian customer, giving Axis a foothold there after North America.

The simulator is the second FarnAir FFS Axis has sold, so there was no development time involved. The unit will be ready to deliver after eight months construction. 

Axis CEO Martin Rossmann said, “I am very proud that we’ve sold this FFS type to Asia – I can only add that we see a great amount of potential in that market and we hope to receive further orders soon.” 
The FFS will be fitted with the Moog 14t motion system and the RSI Raster XT4 visual system.

For information please contact:              
Michaela Kollmann
+43 5 9889 – 101