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Simulator named Most Innovative Product

Graz, Austria, October 2012 – Styria is not a place many people can immediately find on a map. Yet this Austrian Federal State is home to some of the most innovative technology companies anywhere.

“Heroes of Innovation”

One of them is AXIS Flight Training Systems GmbH, a manufacturer of full flight simulators. AXIS was recently awarded the Fast Forward Award by the Chamber of Commerce of Styria, for the most innovative product of 2012. The prize was awarded for AXIS’ groundbreaking FFS design, which marries state of the art fidelity with exceptional operational availability and economy. The Fast Forward award ceremony was held in September 2012 under the motto “Heroes of Innovation”.

Operational and training benefits

AXIS’ innovative features include trend monitoring and automated self-testing so that predictive maintenance can be done in off hours, to drastically reduce unplanned downtime, while automated simulator start up means that operations can start earlier in the day to maximize training hours. On the fidelity side, another AXIS innovation is its icing function, which is unique on the market. Conventional icing simulations kick in suddenly, so that flight characteristics go from normal to unflyable more or less instantly. In real life, of course, leading edges ice over gradually. AXIS’ simulation reflects this, allowing the instructor to set the degree and rate of icing. Thus, pilots can train for intermediate conditions, where the aircraft is unstable but still flyable. This and all of AXIS’ latest features are implemented in its ATR42/72FFS for Farnair’s new Flight Training Organization, which was recently level D certified.

AXIS CEO Martin Rossman noted that “as pilots and engineers, from the outset our intention has been to design and build FFS’ that combine engineering excellence and flight training effectiveness. This award is a recognition of that, and is a great motivation as we continue on our growth course.”

About AXIS

AXIS Flight Training Systems GmbH is located in Lebring, Austria. Founded in 2004, the company engineers and builds full flight simulators offering the highest in fidelity, with unmatched operational availability, economy, and ease of maintenance. AXIS focuses only on building simulators, and does not itself offer training; in this way the company can concentrate fully on its customers’ needs.

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