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Austrian simulator maker places first order

Lebring, Austria, August 21, 2017. Axis Flight Training Systems and its customer Aviation Academy Austria have chosen the new Bosch-Rexroth eMotion-14000-6DOF-1560-MK1 14t motion platform for the new full flight simulator that Axis delivered to the Aviation Academy. The MK1 is Level D qualified.  

AAA’s other simulators all use Bosch-Rexroth motion systems, so this choice offers some commonalities. Also, Axis is always interested in trying new, innovative developments, and the MK1 is a good match with Axis’ design approach. Axis was the first flight simulator maker to place an order for the system.  

The MK1 visually attractive, with a sleek exterior that reflects the high build quality. Its modern design enables the eMotion-14000 to push the envelope in performance, efficiency and safety. Competitively priced, it also has significantly lower total cost of ownership due to greatly reduced energy usage, low vibration and long lifetime.  

The system is highly efficient, with actuators that have integrated static load compensation to support up to 80% of the payload. This eliminates the need for extra pneumatic cylinders or separate pressurizers, and reduces energy consumption. Also, with less force on the spindles there is less wear. Furthermore, the gravitational energy of descending loads is stored in capacitors with smart energy exchange allowing other cylinders to use it.  

The inline motor design directly couples the motors to the actuators, minimizing noise and vibration. Spindles and bearings are permanently lubricated for the platform’s entire lifetime of up to 30 years.  
“This was the 14 tonne motion platform we have been waiting for,” said Axis spokesperson Helmut Haslberger. As a long-time customer, we have always been able to rely on Rexroth for high quality systems. With its unique design, this new platform delivers outstanding performance. It looks great too! So as soon as it became available, we placed an order.”

Axis Flight Training Systems was founded in 2004, and engages in the design and manufacture of innovative and exceptionally capable full motion level D simulators and associated hardware for the business and commercial aviation markets. Axis flight simulators are in use in many countries.

Bosch Rexroth offers its customers hydraulics, electric drives and controls, gear technology, and linear motion and assembly technology all from one source. With locations in over 80 countries, more than 31,100 associates generated sales revenue of approximately 5.4 billion euros in 2015. To learn more, please visit www.boschrexroth.com 

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