aviation training

This is a first on two levels. It represents Axis’ first foray into Italy, and it is also the first Level D simulator in Europe operated by a university both for training and for human factor research. According to Andrea Alaimo of the University of Enna Kore, “the new high-tech simulator will allow researchers in both Aeronautical Engineering and Psychology to perform human factor studies at new frontiers.”

In addition to extreme realism, this FFS reflects Axis’ commitment to ease of use and support. It incorporates the Axis TMCS (Technical Monitoring and Control System), which is a web-based application that allows monitoring and control of key aspects of the simulation and simulator, as well as remote assistance by Axis. Martin Rossmann, CEO Axis Flight Training Systems, noted that “TMCS is part of every simulator we deliver and lets us provide users with the best possible support.”

Other features of the new FFS are an electric-pneumatic motion system with six degrees of freedom, and a visual system with 200° x 40° field of view and high fidelity image generator. A panel on the rear wall of the non-simulated area allows control of all important functions directly on the simulator, as well as by the TMCS.

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