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AXIS Flight Training Systems will exhibit at the AIDAA Congress September 18-22. The company will show its Cessna XLS FFS Level D simulator, and offer test flights to interested persons.

AXIS Flight Training Systems CEO Christian Theuermann said, “This will give attendees the opportunity to experience AXIS FFS’ realism and features personally. There is nothing quite like a hands-on experience to show the benefits of our many innovations.”

– Technician Günther Bliemel will be on hand to answer questions in detail.

About AXIS

AXIS Flight Training Systems was founded in 2004, and works in the design and manufacture of innovative and exceptionally capable full motion level D simulators and associated hardware for the business and commercial aviation markets. AXIS flight simulators are in use in many countries.


The 24th International Conference of the Italian Association of Aeronautics and Astronautics is organized by the University of Enna and the University of Palermo. It will be held at both institutions, September 18 to 19 at the University of Palermo and September 20 to 22 at the University of Enna.


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