With a dense network of major cities and airports, a wide variety of climate conditions and terrain, leading airlines and aircraft manufacturers, and a well-developed aviation industry infrastructure, Europe is full of great places for flight instruction, far too many to list them all. Europe is not known for its year-round clear skies, but other factors more than make up for the unpredictable weather.

At the top of any list is Paris, the continent’s main training hub. And with good reason – a plethora of well-equipped flight schools, five commercial airports, and leisure-time offerings that can’t be beat.

London is another obvious contender, with even more airports (six international and many others including the legendary Farnborough) and an equally impressive array of flight schools. And while it may not be a culinary capital to rival Paris, there is no lack of things to do in and around London.

Frankfurt, home of Lufthansa, is a major training location with the world-class facilities you would expect, including no less than 22 full flight simulators at Lufthansa Aviation Training. The city is better known as a financial centre than a vacation destination, but there is more to it than that, and it is within very easy reach of everything continental Europe has to offer.

Many other European cities, including but not limited to Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Madrid, Zürich, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Helsinki, offer top-notch flight training facilities. Honourable mention also goes to Vilnius, a little bit off the beaten path in Lithuania, a country of unexpected beauty that rewards a closer look.

An article presented by a company based in Austria is naturally also going to mention that country, but what may be unexpected is the exact place we have in mind – Neusiedl am See, home to the Aviation Academy Austria. It has five full flight simulators and training facilities to match, and a general aviation airport. It’s just 35 km from Vienna international airport and 50 km from Bratislava airport, with none of the traffic of the big metro regions. The area offers Europe’s perhaps greatest variety of terrain, and the weather is good, with over 2000 hours of sunshine per year. As for leisure activities, Neusiedler See is Austria’s most popular holiday region, which speaks for itself.

Ultimately, in Europe the choice is going to come down to the same factors as everywhere else, including cost, types of aircraft trained on, and personal interests. This is certainly a region with a tremendous number of options in all categories!