Good weather, friendly people, lots of space – what’s not to like about flight training in Oz or Middle Earth? The Antipodean nations punch above their weight in number of full flight simulators per capita.

Australia features no less than 43 of them, concentrated in the southeast where the climate is most amenable and the population is highest.

The country’s two largest cities, Melbourne and Sydney, are also home to the most FFS’. Sydney (11 sims at the Qantas training centre) is a shade bigger at 5.2 million population and is more famous as a tourist destination, but Melbourne (4.9 million pop.) has more training facilities and totals 20 sims. Both cities offer the flight trainee a huge range of off-hours activities, both urban and outdoor, and anyone coming here for flight training will probably want to extend their stay.

Those looking to combine flight training on Boeing aircraft with a surfing safari will do well to consider Brisbane, with 6 sims and a location that’s convenient for the legendary Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

There are other simulators scattered around the rest of the country, with three more in other places in Queensland, two out west in Perth, and one in delightfully named Wagga Wagga.

New Zealand merits a mention with 8 sims in Auckland. Oh, and it also happens to be one of the world’s most scenic countries. Just saying.