So high is the standard of the schools, aspiring pilots travel from all over the world to train in the US.

If you like the idea of learning directly with a global giant, you’ll find the Delta Air Lines Aircrew Training Center (DATC) at the carrier’s global headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The DATC offers pilot training and simulator rental on several different transport category aircraft types. And in your spare time from training, you can tour the headquarters of other global giants based in Atlanta, including CNN and Coca-Cola.

Alternatively, the US has a large number of outstanding pilot schools as well as aviation colleges and universities.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, for example, offers flight simulators and aircraft for pilot training at residential campuses in Daytona Beach, Florida and Prescott, Arizona. So you’ll need to decide if you want to train and live by the sea or in the mountains?

If you want to visit the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC when you take a break from training, nearby schools include the Washington International Flight Academy (WIFA) in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Operating since 1989, WIFA has trained thousands of pilots including future Boeing 777 captains.

Alternatively, if you plan to build a career on the West Coast, the California Flight Academy (CFA) offers a path to becoming a professional pilot while living in the beautiful city of San Diego. CFA welcomes students from over 50 countries, promising the opportunity to earn a commercial pilot’s licence in less than a year.

Pilot schools approved by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) must meet certain standards in terms of equipment, facilities, personnel and course content, so enrolling in an FAA-approved school normally ensures you will enjoy high-quality training. Nonetheless, flight instructors and companies not certificated as “pilot schools” by the FAA can still offer excellent services.

From the Atlantic to the Pacific, there are outstanding pilot schools across the US. With careful research, and perhaps a little luck, you’ll find your perfect course in your perfect location.