One of the things that sets AXIS simulators apart from the others is our approach to hardware. We are justly proud of the design and build quality of the simulators we deliver.

In manufacturing a device as complex as an FFS there are many decisions to make, and in each case, we decide in favour of fidelity, efficiency, uptime and reliability, flexibility, ease of maintenance, and ROI.

If we make it, we make the best. The quality and precision of AXIS manufactured components are the highest in the industry. We already mentioned some of our unique hardware solutions under “E for Engineering”, like the way our simulators use just a few I/O buses instead of forests of cables. Another is our Smart Panels, which replicate the look and feel of original instruments, but cost less and are much more durable (of course they also let customers use original instruments if desired). The panels are connected by a single communication connector and a single power supply connector, so they switch out fast for maintenance or aircraft type conversion. Another thoughtful design feature is the unique central maintenance panel, which enables complete simulator monitoring and easy primary access for all maintenance work.

If we outsource it, we use the best, and integrate it with our own innovations. Our simulators employ advanced 200° x 40° collimated vision system and solid-state LED DLP projectors. The 16-channel 3D sound system includes infrasonic speakers and a subwoofer, a first in the industry that provides ultra-realistic sound, including ambient noise at the level of the aircraft being simulated, as well as sound from technical issues, engine failure, rain and hail. The 60° stroke 6 DOF motion base is state of the art, and we team it with our proprietary modular electrical load system.

The result of all this is that when you choose AXIS, we firmly believe that you choose the best.