You may have already seen the section on our website under “Products” called “Key Benefits.” If so, you may wonder why we bring it up again here. And why in the singular?

Because so much of what we do revolves around one thing – availability. Yes, we have cutting-edge simulation software. Yes, our simulators use the best components there are. Yes, we add lots of features you can’t find anywhere else, that add realism and make training more efficient. No FFS is more realistic than ours.

But what good is all that if the sim is out of operation a lot of the time? So we put just as much, or maybe even more, focus on availability. And the benefits in the Key Benefits section all revolve around that:

Low maintenance – less maintenance time means more operation time

Online monitoring & trend vectoring – to catch issues before they become issues

Remote maintenance and software updates – less waiting for a tech to arrive

Modular architecture and quick changes

Self-testing and self-monitoring

We won’t repeat the details here, but you can check them out at the link below. All we’re saying here, is that these individual benefits work together to provide AXIS simulator users with much the overall advantage of higher availability than other simulators. That means more time for training, more billable hours, and more revenues.

And that’s why to us, it’s the single Key Benefit.