Forward facing, electrically movable, highly ergonomic IOS (Instructor Operating Station) equipped with two horizontal 20″ 16:9 full HD touchscreen displays

The highly ergonomic GUI minimizes instructor workload during training sessions. No keyboard or old-fashioned input controls. Simple to operate and easy to configure to specific preferences.

Fully integrated design of the IOS puts control of the training session and all other systems at the instructor’s fingertips, including motion, visual, oxygen, audio, and air conditioning.

The online session planning tool makes session planning dramatically easier. 

Several hundred malfunctions are implemented on the AXIS FFS including an extremely realistic simulation of flight in icing conditions.

For UPRT (Upset Recovery and Prevention Training) there is a dedicated menu on the IOS with preconfigured scenarios. G forces are also displayed on the IOS to inform the instructor whether any aircraft structural limits have been exceeded by pilots during recovery.

Sophisticated weather simulation with multilayer volumetric clouds and fog, scud, in-cloud speed cues and additional features such as patches of ice or water. These not only appear on the visual system but also realistically affect the aircraft ground handling at the depicted location. This level of fidelity is unique to AXIS, and very applicable to any operating environment.

Weather radar simulation matches the exact situation as seen on the vision system.

Individual Traffic and ATC simulation for all detailed airports is included.

TCAS training with up to 32 independent programmable aircraft is possible.

Multiple electric fire and air condition smoke simulation.