AXIS Flight Training Systems is proud to build the most functional and reliable full flight simulators (FFS) available anywhere. The same advanced technology that facilitates simple and trouble-free operation also enhances reliability and reduces maintenance. In FFS operation there are two essential cost factors – support cost and downtime. Minimizing downtime increases availability.

At AXIS, we address this from the start with applied maintainability engineering validated by a maintainability assessment process.

One result is our unique online monitoring and trend vectoring system. This greatly reduces or even eliminates the time it takes to isolate a fault, reducing the overall mean time to repair. Since it also detects the deterioration of parts performance, they can be replaced during scheduled maintenance before they fail. Minimum life cycle support cost is another result. This includes the maximum use of COTS parts, automated self-testing, health status and monitoring systems, as well as design for accessibility and ergonomics, such as electrical cabinets on the outside of the flight simulator, easy CLS access, and safety when doing maintenance on the projectors.

Non-scheduled technical events are minimized through our robust design philosophy and unique remote monitoring and diagnostics capability.