If a system experiences a problem or fails, during testing or operation, a message to maintenance staff and AXIS is generated automatically.

These messages are logged and our engineers run FMEA and root cause failure analysis on them. Critical component voltage and temperature are also monitored and logged. If a conspicuous trend is detected this also automatically generates a warning message.

For unambiguous fault messages a prefab solution is displayed on the maintenance station (e.g. a message that the level of smoke generator fluid is below 1/3 and should be refilled soon).

For items that cannot be checked remotely, such as cockpit switches, buttons, lights, indicators etc., AXIS provides a Panel Test Tool. For example, when a switch is pressed a maintenance technician immediately receives status information on his tablet computer as to whether the switch is fully operative or faulty.

AXIS online interfaces are industry leading, and a new paradigm for connectivity and support from the factory. They ensure the fastest possible and highest-level response to any variation.