Put simply, a full flight simulator (FFS) offers the most advanced and realistic training technology on the market.

A European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) definition of an FFS, for example, references the need for a full-size replica of a specific type or make, model and series aircraft flight deck/cockpit, including equipment and computer programs needed to represent the aeroplane in ground and flight operations, a visual system providing a view from the flight deck/cockpit and a force cueing motion system. One point of difference, therefore, is that EASA states a flight training device (FTD), rather than an FFS, does not need a visual or force cueing motion system.

Describing FFSs as ‘critical’ to aviation would be something of an understatement. Efficiently and safely training pilots for real-world operations, FFSs even offer advantages over flying actual aircraft. A simulator, unlike an aeroplane, can directly measure a pilot’s training progress. Through an FFS, instructors can challenge cadet pilots with scenarios that would simply be too dangerous to attempt in an aircraft. And operating an FFS costs a fraction of flying the aeroplane being replicated.

At the highest level, simulators deliver so much realism a pilot can make the transition to a new aircraft type solely through FFS training, a process known as ‘zero-flight-time conversion’. Animation effects can range from reflections and smoke to drifting sand and moving water.

The quality of FFSs on the market is more important now than ever before. The long-term threat of a pilot shortage could soon become a very real crisis. Demand is growing. Supply is falling behind. The aviation industry cannot afford to watch cadet pilots abandon their careers before they have really begun, disillusioned by poor training technologies. Instead, the very best FFSs should be used to inspire students, showcasing cutting-edge video, audio and flying characteristics.

No other flight training device matches the scope, sophistication and capabilities of a full flight simulator. And if you want the most advanced simulators on the market today, look no further than AXIS Flight Training Systems.