The closer a simulator comes to the real thing, the more realistic the training is. And the more realistic the training is, the more effective it is. Pilots need to cross from sim training to aircraft operations as seamlessly as possible, in every detail.

Accordingly, we go to great lengths to make the training experience “just like real life”. Environment, ambient sound, radio and NAV audio, weather, traffic, ATC, TCAS, TAWS, aerodynamics, ground handling, engine and aircraft systems, smoke, oxygen systems, malfunctions – you name it, we sim it.

The pilot sits in a 100% cockpit replication and looks at instruments that are the same as in the actual aircraft. Everything looks, sounds, feels and works like it does in that aircraft.

The view outside is provided by a new-generation 200° x 40° collimated vision system with the latest solid-state LED DLP projectors. It’s driven by a high-performance image generator with real time software and provides the full range of atmospheric and weather conditions, including effects like dynamic environmental shadows, reflections, smoke, drifting sand, snow and 3-D moving water textures.

A 16-channel 3D sound system with infrasonic speakers and subwoofer delivers ultra-realistic sound, with ambient noise at the level of the actual aircraft in operation. The subwoofer is an industry first, and creates the low frequencies that are such an important part of real ambient noise. Naturally the system also generates the sounds of technical issues and weather conditions, such as engine failure, rain and hail.

Axis’ own advanced modular electrical control load system and a 60” stroke 6-DOF electric motion base give highly realistic movement.

The result is a superior training experience that’s as close to real life as it is possible to get.