AXIS is all about simulator technology, and as engineers we’re proud to be at the leading edge of the state of the art.

A while back we talked about our sims’ IT infrastructure in this blog, and before that we looked at the hardware. In the last article we mentioned how they come together to form the key benefit of availability.

Because the thing about leading edge technology is, it has to make sense. Anybody who has used a computer – in other words, everybody – knows how annoying useless new features can be. If it doesn’t bring added value, it’s just in the way.

That’s even more the case with us. The leading-edge features that really distinguish an AXIS sim are not so much the things you see in the cockpit. Sure, there’s the Smart Panels, but the whole idea is that they replicate the originals. And we have superior sound, and top of the line visuals and motion, but again, the idea is not to stand out, but instead to seem real. The closer to real a simulation gets, the less you notice it, so all our focus goes into being “less noticeable” to the trainee, making the simulator fade into the background as it were.

It’s when you open up one of our sims that you really see just how much thought goes into them. The way the Smart Panels are so easy to replace, the central maintenance panel, the CAN busses, the modular architecture. These aren’t bells and whistles or little incremental improvements, these are major advances that bring big benefits in availability and efficiency.

The leading-edge technology we provide is not immediately obvious, but it makes a huge difference.