Qualification testing is fundamental in simulator operation. A simulator must pass initial and recurring validation testing to confirm that its performance and handling are the same (within tolerances) as those of the aircraft it simulates. This series of tests is governed by the QTG or Qualification Test Guide.

Axis makes the process easy. Our sims come with eQTG software installed on the IOS computer, that enables the operator to perform all automatic QTG tests needed for initial and recurrent qualification. This very useful feature means that the operator doesn’t need to consult AXIS for these tests, and they can run in the background to a great extent. Of course, eQTG doesn’t cover manual or subjective testing, but it takes care of the rest.

The software knows which tests are required when, and suggests them in good time. Maintenance staff schedules the date and time when testing should be done. This will typically be at night, since training is not possible while tests are running. Scheduling can be done remotely; Maintenance selects the tests it wants to run, and eQTG does the rest. It calculates and shows the initial conditions, and displays tests and test information in accordance with EASA CS-FSTD(A) Issue 2. The software allows user input in results tables and automatic test evaluation.

Certain tests require user interaction, for example to connect and calibrate microphones, enter measured test results, or import graphics from external devices. The software guides the user through these steps.

No qualification without documentation! eQTG generates all documents required by regulatory authorities, as printable PDFs of complete QTG and MQTG reports in conformity with EASA CS-FSTD(A) including title pages. The user can submit these without any changes.