Once in a while the term “Pandora” comes up at AXIS. But what is it? A box that must never be opened? Quite the contrary! Pandora is a piece of software that our engineers use to maintain and configure all the panels and devices in our cockpits. It connects to the panel by CAN-bus interface and gives direct access to the hardware by means of a graphic user interface. With it, engineers can test the entire panel, turn every LED on and off, flip every switch and move every indicator on every gauge.

Engineers use it to:

  • Run tests to make sure everything reacts and is online
  • Troubleshoot to identify faults and defective devices (pushbuttons, switches, servos, LEDs etc.)
  • Configure basic information (panel ID, CAN-bus ID, hardware settings like servo speed, limits etc.)
  • Load current firmware to panels and devices

Pandora is primarily intended for our own engineers, since improper use of the full version can interfere with functioning of the panel and necessitate a service call. A thinner version that gives customers certain options runs in the background of the TMCS. The main benefit of Pandora for customers is the way it speeds up the maintenance, troubleshooting and configuration work we do for them.