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The nose section of the ATR simulator we built for the Aviation Academy Austria has an interesting history behind it.

July 2017 – We purchased the nose section on the second-hand market, and as usual dismantled everything down to the basic framework – seats, cables, yokes, center pedestal etc. This was then sanded and polished. In the right light, our technician Timo Zaiser saw the marks of old decals, “Ainle” on one side and “Warrior” on the other side of the nose.

That made us curious. Using pictures and the name of the model we ran a Google search and found the specific aircraft. This particular ATR72-201 was first delivered by ATR to the Airline Binter Canarias in December 1991. Thereafter it changed hands a few times before ending up with Aer Lingus, where it was operated by Stobart Air. And that clears up the mystery of the Ainle / Warrior decals – “ainle” is Irish Gaelic for warrior, and that was the name given to the plane in Irish service.

The aircraft can be seen on one of its last flights landing at Birmingham in this video from late 2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IU-6DXWk4kk

After 23 years of service, “Warrior” was finally scrapped. But the nose section soldiers on at the Aviation Academy Austria.

(From Wikipedia)

Binter Canarias S.A. is an airline based in TeldeGran Canaria, Spain. It is a regional carrier operating inter-island services within the Canary Islands. Affiliated airlines operate on behalf of Binter in services to MoroccoPortugal and Western Sahara. It is the fourth biggest carrier based in the Canary Islands. The company is headquartered in the airport of Gran Canaria, in the town of Telde.

Stobart Air is an Irish regional airline headquartered in Dublin.[1] It operates scheduled services under the brands Aer Lingus Regional and Flybe on behalf of their respective owners. Stobart Air has operating bases at Cork and Dublin for Aer Lingus Regional and at London-Southend and Isle of Man for Flybe.

Aer Lingus Regional is an Aer Lingus brand used for commuter and regional flights operated by Irish airline Stobart Air on behalf of Aer Lingus. Aer Lingus Regional operates scheduled passenger services primarily from Ireland to the UKFrance and the Channel Islands. Its bases are located at Cork and Dublin airports.

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