Since we design and build our aviation training systems ourselves, we know them backwards and forwards. We create a support team for each customer and provide answers quickly.

As experienced hardware and software engineers, we build the best. As pilots, we understand your requirements. As a company, we are always open to new requests and requirements. Together, we will find the optimum solution for your flight training operations.


AXIS Flight Training Systems is proud to build the most functional and reliable full flight simulators (FFS) available anywhere. The same advanced technology that facilitates simple and trouble-free operation also enhances reliability and reduces maintenance. In FFS operation there are two key cost factors – support and downtime. By minimizing downtime, we increase availability and revenue.

Since we design and build our flight training systems ourselves, we know them backwards and forwards. We create a support team for each customer, and provide answers quickly.


AXIS offers preventive visits that keep your device at the highest performance level at all times. The work is carried out on-site and comprises a high-level check-up, maintenance and optimization performed by an AXIS specialist.

We also offer virtual on-site service. In this, we use the latest VR technology to guide your technicians through complex repairs, fine-tuning during qualification, or other tasks that previously required a visit.


AXIS understands that you want to get the most out of your investment, including improving your knowledge of the equipment. We offer training courses tailored to ensure that you can run your simulator at optimum capacity and maximize profit. Training programs can be varied, and are offered for the main product lines at different levels.


AXIS simulators are among the best and most reliable in the world. But even so, normal wear and tear require replacement parts on occasion. A reliable supply of spare parts is key to uninterrupted operation.

We use more COTS parts than any other simulator manufacturer. These parts are industry standard, and many are de-rated. We also provide customers with an electronic database of all parts used in the device, including drawings, specifications, and manufacturer contact data.

AXIS-manufactured hardware replacements can be supplied with faster turnaround time than industry standards.