AXIS designs and builds world-class FAA or EASA CS – FSTD (A) level D simulators, employing new technologies that significantly reduce complexity, improve functionality and reduce maintenance requirements.

The result is a superior training experience that is as realistic as it gets, combined with industry-leading availability and ease of use for maximum ROI.


AXIS software is LINUX-based. Linux is open source and much better suited to real-time and heavy duty industrial applications than Windows. Due to its flexibility and adaptability Linux is the best runtime environment for simulators. NASA migrated ISS laptops from Windows to Linux. 

The replication of the cockpit with OEM-quality simulated aircraft parts together with software-based avionics simulations allows considerable use of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) parts, and assures the highest working reliability with the lowest maintenance costs throughout the simulator‘s lifecycle. 

At the customer’s election AXIS can also use OEM avionics.


The latest 60-inch stroke 6 DOF fully electric motion system without any other pneumatic or hydraulic support systems, with less maintenance than any other system in the industry.


200 x 40 degree collimated visual system with fully textured day/dusk/night-compatible database. High-resolution digital 3-channel projection system. IG providing the full range of atmospheric and weather conditions, including animation effects like dynamic environmental shadows, reflections, smoke, drifting sand or snow and 3-D moving water textures. At the customer’s choice implementation of the latest lightweight LED DLP projection technology for long-term display stability and minimal maintenance – highly reliable, COTS-based, and with almost no spares required.


High-fidelity 16 channel 3D sound system including infrasonic speakers and subwoofer. 
This is an industry-leading innovative implementation.


With fully automated self-testing capability and automated protocol creation for initial and re-qualification in compliance with ARINC Standard 436. Includes automated creation of eQTG documention ready to be forwarded to authorities. No external sensor mounting is required prior to QTG testing, since all sensors are permanently installed.


Ten days to a Full Flight Simulator.

Watch our one minute time lapse video of the Full Flight Simulator building process at the Flight Simulation Technique Centre in Gurgaon, India. This is how it all comes together.